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The power of Daylite reporting to drive key business processes and outcomes....

Daylite is an extremely powerful business platform capable of assisting business in a extremely diverse range of business processes and tasks. Of course our geniuses have worked hard to marry the power with simplicity to ensure users can leverage all this power easily.

The shear amount of data captured within a typical Daylite system is huge and many users simply don't realise that the data is there. Using Daylite's reporting capability is critical. But you will likely need a small amount of assistants from us to get good results.

If you want to find out more on Daylite reporting or any topics covered on this page please contact us for a free consultation.
  • Sales reports
  • Production reports
  • Efficiency reports
  • Calendar & Time reports
  • Case management reports
  • Financial reports
  • To name a few....

We have developed reports for clients in the following industries

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Accounting & Fin Services

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Legal & Migration Agents

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Real Estate

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Photography & Video Production

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Health, Medical & Fitness

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Building & Construction

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Architecture & Design

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Education & Training

If you have specific reporting requirements for your businesses please contact us to discuss getting the reports you require to drive you business.

Time & Budget Reporting

PureMac and our partners iOSXPERTS have been developing a new reporting and workflow platform for Daylite called Time&Budget. This platform adds some functional extensions to Daylite to enable to handle an extended range of business processes.
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Time & Budget delivers a suite of extended functionality to Daylite users to help centralise business processes into Daylite and give managers and workers a simplified and streamlined set of business workflows.

Industries that can benefit from this powerful system:

Features & Tools

Enhanced time capture
Time & Budget brings both a sub task timer to Daylite as well as a time registration system. Time can be captured easily and billed either by worker or by category for more complex billing environments.
Project budget tracking
Time & Budget now brings budgets to you projects. Define a financial budget, a time budget the profit target... now track progress against it.
Non time based expense capture
Bring in all your costs to win and opportunity and or to deliver a project to get a true picture of your costs to deliver.
Global Analysis
View and analyse critical data with ease across Daylite. Now you can analyse performance by people, company, opportunity or project. Even make a group o objects in Daylite and then analyse them with Time & Budget.
Watch a short video on Time & Budget


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Track time spent on Matters and expenses on Matters easily. Works with groups and in multiple locations. Makes time capture fast, easy and accurate. See all you legal matters in one place.
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Designer studios, Film & Video Production, Graphic Design, Architecture, Interior Design... any production based business that needs to track time and costs back to a project will benefit from Time&Budget. Now all workers can work effectively within Daylite.
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Tracking time effectively is essential from consultants... or you done eat! But many time management apps are separate from the CRM system, the Email system, the project system and the file system. Bring them all together and work effectively with your clients and colleagues.
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App & Web Development
App developers will love the way you can work in a non linear agile fashion and track all the critical aspects of a project in Daylite.

Report Suite for Daylite

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Report Suite makes reporting easy in Daylite by providing a suite of built in reports that include a set of standard filters to make common reports easy and fast to access and print.
Company Report
Person Report
Opportunity Report
Project Report
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