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Daylite for Australian Business

Daylite 5 is a great product for Australian Mac based businesses. It is easy to use , extremely powerful, feature-rich and works in many different business types.
At PureMac we have had working with businesses throughout Australia and Asia to help them solve some big challenges such as building decentralised businesses and taking their workforce truly mobile.. we are talking more that email and dropbox here! Working with Daylite as the central business system we have delivered these solutions across many different industries including... Financial Services, Building & Construction, Real Estate, Sales, Manufacturing, Advertising, HR & Recruitment, Education, migration agents, Legal firms and recently some government departments.

Please contact us if you would like to know some more about how PureMac and Daylite have solved solved many industry specific challenges for our customers. Tell me more

PureMac Daylite Services

Having applications that can deliver the features that your business needs is very important. PureMac provides one the ground local support for your team to ensure that they can tap into the powerful features within Daylite 5.

Pre sales Advice
There is so much hype at the moment around trendy Cloud CRM solutions... most don't offer the features that many businesses require. Make sure you speak to us before you make a buying decision as there are CRMs and CRMs!

Whether it is a startup or a long term business transitioning to a Mac platform our skilled consultants can ensure the process is a success. A typical medium sized Daylite implementation needs a number of services such as,data cleaning and importing, database customisation, custom report, workflow development. There are also a number industry specific aspects that we can assist with. All this ensures your business can achieve the results they need.

Training & Support
We see many businesses that simply fail to leverage the true power of Daylite, this is often due to a lack of training and or poor implementations. A good implementation will recoup the initial investment many times over so it is important to look at the long term benefits of implementing Daylite in your business. Contact us for a no obligation discuss to ensure your Daylite is working!

Customisation & Integration
Custom reports, web integration, plugins mobility apps... Daylite offers some great integration benefits to streamline your business. Our coders will astound you with what is possible with Daylite. If you are doing it in a spreadsheet we can make Daylite do it!
  • PureMac Daylite Services

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Daylite Customisation Services


We have been working hard with our partners iOSXPERTS to develop a powerful framework to extend Daylite. We call this Time&Budget. This module bring many powerful features to Daylite and is well suited to businesses that need to understand and track time, expenses and see profit across a business. >> See more

This is just one example of how PureMac has changed business workflow and empowered companied to deliver outstanding service for their customers and significantly improved business process and productivity.

Customisation services we can assist with:

  • Phone System connection
  • Web service integration
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Private plugins and menus
  • Web layouts and print layouts
  • Our ERP Integration
Daylite Customisation Services from PureMac

Daylite Training & Support

Upcoming Daylite 5 Training Events

October 2014
PureMac Daylite 5 training

We understand just how important training for Daylite really is. We see the results of poorly training people trying to use daylite everyday. We know from experience that every dollar invested in training returns demonstrable benefits to the organisation. And with our many training options there is a training solution for everyone.

  • Free online videos
  • Paid online videos
  • Public group sessions in major cities throughout Australia
  • Private bespoke training - ideal for larger clients
  • One-on-one training
  • CEO mentoring

Plus we have webinars and of course our newsletter.
Keep me up to date with future training events... click below to register for our newsletter and to be notified of future training events

Daylite Implementation Options & Costs in Australia

Daylite can be bought as a self serve system to run on your own IT infrastructure or as a hosted service for a simple monthly fee. What's best for you depends upon needs, budget and infrastructure. This section should help you make the right decision. And remember we are just an email or phone call away and can help guide you to the best outcome for your business.

Daylite Hosted

Our daylite hosted solution provides daylite and the required mac server hardware for a low cost. This is an ideal solution for new start up businesses, businesses where the users are operating from home offices or locations with poor network services. And your business is up and running fast!

Benefits of this services:
  • 4 hour provisioning
  • Low set up cost
  • No need for a fast internet connection
  • No need for a fixed IP
  • No complicated server setup
  • CalDav & CardDav Setup included
  • No backup to worry about
  • Server maintenance supplied
  • Additional services available
Simply the best and cheapest way to get a new business up and running on Daylite and Mac for Business
Adrian Treahy
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Our hosting service can also be used to host or other applications and services such.. Billings Pro, AeroFS, DocMoto, Merlin and more....

Click to explore Daylite Cloud prices

  1. Daylite Hosting Only

    Our Daylite hosted solution is ideal for start up businesses where setup and ongoing costs need to be managed. This package will see your business set up fast. With our solution you can set up all your services on your own server and manage your growth costs.
    Daylite only... We set up your daylite server and add your licence. This allows for unlimited access to Daylite on as many Mac and or iOS devices as you require. CalDav and CardDav are also setup. We will assist in the connection of your devices to the server and provide free video tutorials for training
    • Set setup
    • Licence provided
    • CalDav & CardDav provided (Find out more)
    • Managed server support & backups. NB local Mac and devices are not managed and support is available as required from PureMac on a pay for service basis.

    Valued at $1099.00 Cloud price: As low as $29 per month per user. Get a quote now.
  2. Business Services Hosting - complete

    Need more than just Daylite hosting. Our full managed service delivers all your services on a hosted server. Manage your IT requirements with a single provider and a single monthly fee (Desktop hardware and devices not included) and remove all the IT headaches that come with running your own server and consolidate all the monthly fees into a single provider that understands your needs better - PureMac.
    Daylite with data importation, customisation & private training
    • Server set up
    • Licence provided
    • CalDav & CardDav provided (Find out more)
    • Data importation from Address Book, Calendar and Excel Spreadsheet (final cost may vary)
    • Daylite industry template for Australia, New Zealand
    • 4 hours Daylite training (more can be arranged as required)
    • Managed server support & backups. NB local Mac and devices are not managed and support is available as required from PureMac on a pay for service basis. With this option we do offer bundled support.

    Valued at $3500.00. Get a quote now.

    Take advantage of your server and host additional services such as:

    • Mail up to 25 mailboxes
    • Domain Name Hosting
    • Web Server - host your website
    • Private dropbox
    • Billings Pro
    • MoneyWorks Cloud

    Interested in our services? Contact us today for a discussion of your needs and a quote.

Self server Daylite...

If you have a suitable office and existing Mac server then buying Daylite outright is an option. There are generally higher costs when running self serve as all the server maintenance as well as the Daylite maintenance is required. Self serve users need to consider the following...
  • Static IP
  • Business grade internet - up & down
  • Happy to manage backups
  • Happy to manage network
  • Need a business continuity plan
  • Need to setup DNS
  • Have a centrally manned office
  • Do not need 24x7x365 support
Great for some people but the the start costs are higher
Adrian Treahy
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Report Writing
Database conversion
Server setup & Maintenance
Plugins & Extras
Workflow development
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