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Downlaod Xero Connector

Download the
Xero connector

30 day free trial then AUD$100.00 per user or $12.50 per month per user.

Xero Connector for Daylite 5 & 6 — 30 Day Free Trial

The Xero Daylite Connector provides embedded functionality to facilitate fast and direct workflow between Daylite and Xero making it even easier to user your favourite Apple database, Daylite with your favourite cloud accounting system, Xero.

With the connector you can easily:
  • add companies and people from Daylite into XERO
  • Update contact records in XERO from Daylite
  • Import Xero products into Daylite
  • Send estimates from Daylite into XERO as invoices ready to send out
  • See and use all Xero functionality from any linked Company in Daylite!

The XeroConnector is available for a one off low $129.00 cost (including GST). This is a business licence and you can have as many users are you need for a single low licence cost. Watch the video demo below to see XeroConnector in action.

Watch the video demo

Setting Up Xero Connector

Xero in Daylite with the PureMac connector

Setting Up the XERO Connector

Before you use your Xero Daylite Connector you need to set up some simple preferences to ensure the 2 systems are matched. This is a simple process and should take you about 2 - 5 minutes. Please watch the video at the top of this page to see exactly what you need to do,
or contact our support team.

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After downloading and installing the connector go to the Plugins Menu and select the XeroConnector menu. Go to Preferences and complete the setup sets of setting your Xero Tax codes, your Role and your Daylite Labels.

You can also licence the plug-in here by clicking on the License… option and following the onscreen prompts to purchase a licence.
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Xero Tax codes.
Enter the following codes from XERO as the default XERO tax codes. Note in Australia you will need Tax 1 and No Tax only.

Address Labels
The address and phone labels entered here will determine which details are set over to XERO when a company is set to XERO. The plug in uses the following hierarchy of details to complete the XERO details:

1. When sending a company to XERO… The label you set in the XERO Preferences will be the address sent over to XERO. IN this example we have set the Street Address as Main and the second address as the PO Box.


Tax codes in Daylite

Daylite also has Tax codes that need to be set up for each user in Daylite that will use the Xero Connector. If your tax codes are not set up or set up incorrectly this will result in a failure to send estimates to Xero.



Sending People to XERO with their Company

2. If there is a Person linked to the company that has the role set XERO Contact, in our example we have added a role name of XERO Contact - the connector will look to see if this contact exists and if they do it will send over their phone numbers along with the Company phone numbers.

XERO can have 4 numbers as set by their labels in Daylite: Default, DDI, Fax and mobile. The Default and Fax will come from the company and the DDI (Direct) and the Mobile will come from the linked contacts.

In the following screen Acme Widgets has been entered in Daylite and sent to Xero.

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Now a person has been set as the XERO Contact and their details are sent over to XERO to augment the record. The connector will look at the person record then look at the company record. So if the person’s record in Daylite has a fax number on it then it will take precedence over the Company Fax number. In the example below you will see that all 4 numbers have been sent over to XERO.

Adding Email details:

The default email for the person is sent over. If the person does not have an email then the connector will look at the company to see if it has an email set on it. Note, as Daylite users we expect that people emails are more important and common than company email and encourage said behaviour - you send emails to people not companies wherever possible.
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Daylte contact record in Xero
Importing Products from XERO
Xero in Daylite with the PureMac connector

Item Data from Xero

The products will be added to Daylite and ready to use in Daylite Opportunities. When a new item is added in Xero, ensure a return is added after the title as the second line in the description field will come into the Daylite Description field.
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Sending an Estimate from Daylite to XERO
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Before you can send a Daylite estimate over to Daylite you need to add the menu to the Contextual Menu for Opportunities in Daylite.

1. Go to Daylite Preferences>Contextual Menus>Opportunities
2. Add the menu Send estimate to XERO to the right hand column.
3. Close the menu.
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The connector sends over the estimate NOT THE OPPORTUNITY. This is important.

Step 1 - Create an estimate in Daylite
Step 2 - Select the Opportunity in the list column, right click on it and select the menu Send estimate to XERO. see the image below.

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