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Our sales, training and support team are standing by ready to help you. Please click below so we can help you as soon as possible.

Our office hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday Eastern Australian Time.

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Upcoming PureMac Training Courses... Daylite, Merlin, Billings Pro

We provide Daylite, Billings Pro training and Merlin training throughout Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth), New Zealand & Asia. If there is nothing listed for your area please contact us as we might have courses in planning that would suit your needs. Our Daylite training courses and our Billings Pro courses are taught by the regional partner for Marketcircle in Australia, New Zealand and Asia - Adrian Treahy & PureMac.
  • Daylite Training Courses

    Working with Daylite

    The Mastering Daylite program is a comprehensive full day daylite training session where Daylite users can develop and enhance their Daylite skills. This hands-on session, lead by the Australian Marketcircle Regional Partner, Adrian Treahy, focusses on delivering core skills and competencies to both new and experienced Daylite users



    This course will help users to run and manage professional project management in Daylite using the Time&Budget extension. This course looks at every aspect from configuration to reporting and tracking of projects for key stakeholders inside Daylite.

    CRM with Daylite

    Many people start using Daylite because they need a database to manage their contacts more efficiently (these applications are called CRM or Customer Relationship Management applications. And Daylite is a very powerful CRM… but a little different to others. This intensive 4 hour program focusses on understanding Daylite and how Daylite manages contacts.


    Sydney only

    Email Marketing with Daylite & MailChimp

    See how Daylite can power an organisations email marketing and newsletter program. By combining the power of Daylite with MailChimp your organisation’s email marketing program becomes supercharged. Take the time effort out of targeted campaigns and more…


  • Billings Pro Training Courses
    Did you know that Billings Pro functions as an accounting extension to Daylite? Do you know you can send your Estimates to Billings Pro? Send your Tasks and Appointments to Billings Pro for invoicing? Did you know that you can invite guest workers to Billings Pro on Windows and Android devices? Many users are unaware of all the features packed into Billings Pro that make is a killer stand alone app or companion app for Daylite. This training session explores how to get the most from Billings Pro.



  • Merlin Project Management Training Courses

    Working with Merlin Project

    Merlin Project is the best professional project management application for Apple Mac computers. This training courses focusses on delivering key skills and competencies to Australian professional project managers. So if you are new to Merlin Project or upgrading from Merlin 2 this course will deliver the skills you and your team require.



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Training in other areas

If you would like training in a different location for time please email us and register your interest and requirements and we will happily look at putting on additional events.

Company training offers some great benefits over public course as you are free to work with the trainer to focus on the features and workflows of most importance to your organisation.

Private training for companies is always available throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia for Daylite, Billings Pro and Merlin as well as other applications.
Puermac Training in any region

Book Private Training

If you have more than a few Daylite users booking a private training session is more cost effective. We will come to you business and conduct training tailored to your companies needs.

Contact us today to discuss your company's training requirements.
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Daylite + PureMac has changed the way we do business. Our teams have never been more effective and management know exactly what's driving the business day to day. Thanks guys.
Gerry Hall

PureMac Webinars

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Daylite General Overview
Great intro webinar to get new users going with Daylite. This webinar will expose you to many of the power user features and opportunities available in Daylite and the Daylite Ecosystem such as Mail, Direct Mail, Billings to name a few.

Register to attend the next webinar.
Webinars are held weekly.

Our training programs cover the following applications....

Daylite and PureMac
Billings Pro and PureMac
MoneyWorks and PureMac
Merlin and PureMac
MediaPro and PureMac
DocMoto and PureMac
Direct Mail and PureMac
LastPass and PureMac
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