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Daylite Plug-ins & Modules

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Daylite offers some exciting integration and plug-in options to help extend the functionality of the application to meet the needs of various businesses. On this page we list all of the available plug-ins with links to purchase and or download them. We endeavour to keep this page up to date and will regularly update the listing as new plug-ins are released.

We can also develop custom plug-ins and extras to help businesses get the most from Daylite. So if you have any special requirements you can email us with your requirements.
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Using Xero Cloud Accounting? Now you can connect to Daylite the best CRM and Productivity application for Mac businesses. Bring the awesome power of Daylite to the incredible accounting of Xero. Even use Daylite Cloud with Xero.
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Numbering for Projects & Opportunities in Daylite

Set and manage your Project numbers, your Opportunity numbers or be very Daylite and use Objective numbers. This plugin provides all the numbering options that you may need in your business. See all the features on the Numbering Plugin page.
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Form Duplicator for Daylite

Need to set up and manage multiple versions of the same form or create child forms? This plugin extends for form preference so it is easy to duplicate forms on the fly.

Try it free for 7 days… Purchase in-app for AUD $9.99 per user.
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Time & Budget

Time & Budget is highly recommended for any business that is service or project based. It introduced much needed tracking and reporting functions to Daylite. Now you can really run your business from anywhere.
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Web Form Integration with Daylite

Bring your website leads, enquiries and registrations into Daylite automatically and connect them to Daylite workflows. We regard this plug-in as essential for businesses that rely on their website for leads. The new version provides extended capabilities including form attachments, multi part forms and scriptable form actions in Daylite. Even use it with Zaps for great workflow enhancement.
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Web Connector for Daylite

The web connector allows web pages to be displayed inside Daylite. It provides a number of search tools, social media sites and map options to make working with your Daylite contact fun and easy.

Google, Google Maps, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Sykpe, Dropbox, Box.net, Base Camp... and many more
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Fone Connector for Daylite

Make your phone an extension of Daylite and start dialing today. Simple one click dialing and call management is now fully integrated into Daylite 4 with the Fone Connector.

Works with Skype, iPhone, VOIP, Softphones, Dialectic and many fixed line phones.
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MailChimp Connector for Daylite

Simply mandatory for all marketers using Daylite. This makes the chore of sending and managing all your email marketing campaigns extremely fast and amazingly easy.

Make email marketing super fast, fully integrated and effective with Daylite and Mail Chimp....
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Add Geo Location Finding with GeoFind for Daylite

The Geo Find connector provides a fast an easy way to find all your contacts in a specific geographical location. No need to find the GPS co-ordinates the Geo Find plug-in does it for you. Just select the radius for the search and Daylite does the rest... simply great!

Find all contacts in a geographical locations and get a pin map... great for managing your clients
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Merlin to Daylite Link

Now professional project managers can work easily with other Daylite users. This connector sends tasks and events from Merlin into Daylite as well as updating completing tasks with a simple click.

Make project management fast and easy with Merlin and Daylite.
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MoneyWorks 7 to Daylite 5 Connection

This plugin adds a Moneyworks Tab in Daylite where accounting information is visable. Update client information, see orders in MoneyWorks, pull products into Daylite and send estimates to MoneyWorks for processing.

Essential for serious business users looking for accounting information with Daylite.
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Report Suite for Daylite 5

The new ReportSuite will open up amazing possibilities: ReportSuite gives you the option to easily customize print layouts to print activities of companies & people as well as projects & opportunities.
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